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Red Room Ultra Bar | Vancouver, BC October 2, 2016

Ivo "Namtar" Wijers

I've seen many bands perform in 2016, many of them ranking very far up at the top of my favourites all over. One of the bands I saw the most often this year also happens to have given my favourite performance of the year; and I am not picking this particular one lightly, as I saw this band several times in 2016. Just because you've seen an artist play 5 times in 12 months doesn't mean you get jaded with their performance. Especially not if that band is Carach Angren.

Dennis "Seregor" Droomers

The Dutch horror metal titan that is Carach Angren is, on an average day, impressive to see live. On a great day, they are absolutely FIERCE.

It was one of those great day when they set foot in Vancouver on October 2nd - for the second time in 2 weeks - this time opening for Kataklysm.

When they walked onto the minuscule stage, the Red Room was overcome with their energy. From the first notes of their ominous intro, they enveloped everyone in the dense shroud of their imposing stage presence. It weighs heavy, your heart races. You came to the wrong forest, motherfucker.

Their performance that night was flawless, and more energetic than I had ever seen them be - and that means a lot when it comes to this trio of horror masters.

And while I had seen Carach Angren play this exact set twice this year prior to that night, they walked off stage and I thought "So... same time again tomorrow?"

See the full gallery from that night here; all images courtesy of Goblin Photography.

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