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Melodic progressive heavy metal

Seattle/NYC (USA)

Adōn Fanion

I have to admit it's going to be relatively easy for me to write this piece. It's rare that a band blows me away on first contact, but this year I was delighted to find out that there are still artists out there who can. I have to give it to Ghost Ship Octavius; they are every bit as surprising as they are talented.

As anyone local may know, this year the Vancouver metal community had to kiss goodbye an establishment of the local scene: SCRAPE Records. As a last hurrah/parting gift with weeping "Disciples" (the affectionate name given to great supporters of the metal-focused record shop), there was a farewell show organized, which the aforementioned Ghost Ship Octavius was to be headlining.

As a Disciple, I was going to go to the show either way, but I also wanted to know what I was getting myself into for the night - so off to the internet I went, and found me some Ghost Ship Octavius. Not usually a fan of prog, I thought their sound wasn't pompous enough to turn me off, so I listened on. I fell in love with the singer's incredible voice, and after a few tracks, their surprisingly refined sound. With ex-members of God Forbid/Himsa and Nevermore in tow, these are professionals we're speaking of, so this should be expected.

Imagine my surprise when, at the show, I saw a barely 20 year-old man take the center stage. With vocal and guitar techniques mature enough to make most metal veterans tremble in their boots, that was Adōn Fanion, the impressive singer/guitarist I had grown fond of so quickly. What?! How someone seemingly so young had gathered this kind of talent all at once eluded me, but I let it happen. The night throughout, Ghost Ship Octavius gave a memorable, slightly theatrical and somewhat ethereal performance. And how mesmerizing they were! I was sold.

(Ghost Ship Octavius - In Dreams)

I saw Ghost Ship Octavius play once more since that first show, and I enjoyed them as much if not more. I think they are destined for great success. I can always appreciate discovering new bands that I grow fond of and want to keep listening to, and this year I am grateful to have come across these guys.


See more photos of Ghost Ship Octavius here, courtesy of Goblin Photography.

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