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I am partial to TrollfesT, always have been, so I was very excited to know they were going to be joining us again this year. They are, in my opinion, one of the best live bands around right now, and their own True Norwegian Balkan Metal is a delight for my folk metal-loving ears. The trolls were on the cruise in 2015, but with a new album coming out this year, it was only fair to have them on board again.

Mr Seidel, TrollfesT (2nd set, 70000 Tons of Metal 2017)

For their first set, TrollfesT got what is arguably the worst and best spot for a band like them to play: first night, at fuck you o’clock – here meaning being scheduled for 4:15AM, but with delays plaguing the Alhambra Theatre all night, it ended up being closer to 5:00AM. As expected, the people who shunned sleep to come see them play definitely wanted to go to the cabana party – plenty of giddy folk metalheads, many if not most of them happily inebriated, and eagerly awaiting the show. TrollfesT entered in tasteful tracksuits and windbreakers fashion - Mr Seidel donning a fat gold chain and shades, and Lodd Bolt in beautiful *cough* turquoise nylon pants - and the crowd erupted in both laughter and excitement. A few new faces in the band came to light; new accordionist/keyboardist Fjernkontrollet, and a guest appearance by a fierce Helluva lady armed not with a sword but with an arsenal of kazoos. The band later played the single from the upcoming Helluva album, “Steel Sarah”, but not before crowd-pleasers such as “Illsint”, “Ave Maria”, and “Kaptein Kaos”. Of course, on a boat headed for a tropical island, this show would not have been complete without “Solskinnsmedisin”, its sing-along chorus, and its conga line! And a conga line there was; all around the floor, up the stairs, through the mezzanine, and back down – the entire crowd, save maybe for the front row, took part in what was probably the biggest TrollfesT conga line to date.

They ended the show with “Helvetes Hunden GARM” as the audience bounced and barked back at the band to the song we know all too well. TrollfesT left on a high note, and those who wanted to go to bed probably had a hard time getting some shut-eye after this awesome fun and adrenaline-filled 45 minutes.


TrollfesT also surprised us by having a listening party of their upcoming album on board. They rallied all interested parties in the Labyrinth bar on the Friday afternoon to allow us to listen to Helluva in its entirety and host a surprise meet and greet where, dressed in their new costumes, they delighted everyone with their antics and genuinely nice, loveable presence. As much as I tried paying attention to the album, some of it was lost on me due to spending some quality time chatting with the band – but what I took away from it is that Helluva is a really great successor to Kaptein Kaos, with a sound more reminiscent of Brumlebassen, which pleases at least me greatly.

Trollmannen (TrollfesT)

TROLLFEST, TAKE 2 TrollfesT’s second set had to be killer to top the first night ,and, to be honest I can’t pick which one I enjoyed the most. They walked on stage wearing their new costumes, ready for an adventure of snake-slaying and priest-eating, and once again delighted the crowd with an incredibly energetic and hilarious set. I love a band who is obviously having a good time on stage, and TrollfesT is definitely one of those bands. They played a different set, included a second new song from Helluva, their infamous cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” and had the crowd hilariously quacking in unison as they played “Villanden.” There was a “Solskinnsmedisin” conga line as well, though not quite as impressive as the first night, since the Studio B ice rink does not have a mezzanine.

It did have however, an impressive wall of death:


As the band exited to their classic outro “Hevlette”, Lodd Bolt and Dr Leif came down to greet the crowd and bestow hugs and fist bumps, and give out bounty of guitar picks and set lists.

There was a feeling of euphoria in the venue, but as people walked out realizing there would not be a 3rd TrollfesT set, it was somewhat bittersweet.

TrollfesT (2nd set, 70000 Tons of Metal 2017)

To end on a positive note, keep this in mind: with a new album coming out, the band is most likely going to go on tour, and hopefully grace a city close to you with their trollish presence.

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