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Battle Beast Alhambra Theatre | 70,000 Tons of Metal February 3, 2018 Last February, after sleeping in post-Battle Beast show and spending some time getting our land legs back on the scorching hot beach of Cockburn Town, I was ready to get my drink on and see the Finnish band once more. Armed with a stomach full of rum and coke, the desire to belt out some songs, and the hope of seeing “Dancing with the Beast” live at last, I took my rightful spot in the front row for the first show of the third night of the iconic cruise.

Playing just a little over 12 hours after their first set, Battle Beast’s second effort on their first 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise was impeccable. From the larger-than-life stage presence of the battle bitch herself to the sheer joie de vivre exhibited by the other band members, it was clear that the whole crew was having the time of their life.

Keytar player Janne Björkroth, clad in a sleeveless shirt, board shorts, and sandals displayed much of the same drunken cruise spirit as the showgoers, which made the entire performance so much more fun, as if one of us was just on stage rocking out with one of the best acts of the 2018 lineup.

Their set contained a plethora of songs off their 2017 banger of an album Bringer of Pain to ensure that we all danced with abandon. Though I didn’t get to see “Dancing with the Beast,” the power metal band did play “Touch in the Night,” which is also full of that same 80s vibe I dig so much.

My drunk ass also caught a drumstick mid-flight, capping off the perfect set and marking the beginning of an awesome night for me.


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