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When a new band comes out of the shadows with a debut album that lands them a spot on the European summer festival circuit and sold out gigs within a few months of release, it’s important to pay attention. That’s what happened to Beast In Black; comprised of musicians who have already earned their stars through well-established power metal bands (Battle Beast, Wisdom, Wardrum), Beast In Black and their first album Berserker swept the floor clean with many other bands right from the start. In 2019 they released From Hell With Love, an album that not only exceeded my expectations but also blew Berserker out of the water.

With From Hell With Love, they created a cohesive album that flows well despite not having a continuous storyline. The title track has one of the catchiest choruses that ever graced metal, and “Sweet True Lies” is not far behind. Songs like “Repentless”, “Unlimited Sin” and “This Is War” are 100% heavy metal anthems, so fear not; there is still plenty of fist pumping and headbanging to do at Beast In Black concerts. “True Believer” evoques smoke screens, laser lightshows, and a souped up muscle car being chased by young Dolph Lungren on foot (think more He-Man and less Ivan Drago). As a child of the 80s I have a soft spot for Knight Rider aesthetics, and this band is IT come to life.

What do you do with an album that sounds like a collection of the best montage tracks from 80s action movies covered by a power metal band? Everyone can get behind a good hype song with marching drums, catchy keyboards, and empowering lyrics — and that is 100% Beast in Black’s domain, and From Hell With Love will be a faithful companion. Need gym music? You got it. Having a dance party? They got your back. A power ballad to cry to after a breakup? There’s also one for you. And if you need to channel your inner Rocky, there’s even a cover of “No Easy Way Out” that sounds better than the original. Need I say more? OK, I will say 2 more words: Motörhead. Cover.

Beast In Black — From Hell With Love

The band seamlessly mixes their synth pop-power metal combo and triumphant lyrics, and I believe that’s what has earned them a place of honor on the current circuit. What they do is uniquely theirs, and you might love it, or hate it, but it is unequivocally Beast In Black, and you can recognize it from miles away. If you’re like me, you’ll love it to the last deliciously tacky drop.

From Hell With Love is for sure going to stand the test of time, like those old school hair metal gems you will still rock out to in your car in 20 years and genuinely enjoy it.

BEAST IN BLACK — From Hell With Love

Nuclear Blast

Release date: January 22, 2019

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