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Editor in Chief

Kai is the creator of Bangover as well as our editor-in-chief, and provides most of our concert photography via her other brainchild, Goblin Photography.

She feels strongly about a Norther reunion, the power of pizza, and living life hard.

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Author / Contributor

Didrik is a self-proclaimed folk metal expert who aspires to have his own band one day, even though he's not entirely confident in his ability to distinguish a violin from a flute.

He's simultaneously fascinated by and terrified of the universe. He has a passion for linguistics; one of his favourites is defenestration - both the word and the act of it.

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PR / Webmaster

Sagan is a regular contributor as well as our webmaster, branding designer, PR and social manager. She has a day job in advertising, and moonlights as a cynical metal journalist.

She believes in the multiverse theory because it suggests that there exists a universe where she has seen Powerwolf live. 

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