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Gloryhammer El Corazon | Seattle, WA, USA

September 17, 2018

5 years. That is how long we, the good North American fans of silly power metal, had been waiting for Gloryhammer to come to our shores. 2018. That is the year where we got our wish. And maybe I am biased because I had been waiting with such anticipation, maybe it’s because I love Gloryhammer with all of my cheesy metal heart, but I have to give them my personal honours for Performance of the Year for their show in Seattle last September. The band was on point, the crowd was all over the place. Led by Thomas Winkler as the hero in shining gold lamé leggings Angus McFife, the quintet played a gig for the ages which, despite their short 30-minute slot, felt like they were giving it all of the antics and attention of a headliner performance. They were able to cram in some of their best songs, plenty of power moves, mighty voice modulator action, and even a goblin fight! I am absolutely thrilled that they will be on 70,000 Tons of Metal 2019, as I will be able to see how they fare in a full-length set, and I’ll even be able to enjoy it twice! If you want to live or re-live this bonkers performance, I did review the show at the time; you can find the article here.


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